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For general inquiries, please send an email to Caroline Toepperwein, Executive Producer at Thank you!


All requests for firefighter appearances must be submitted through the contact form below. Firefighter Appearance Request Form

Apply for Firefighter Appearances
& Calendar Signing Events

Thank you for wanting our Firefighter Calendar Models to appear at your event. The purpose of each appearance is to collect donations and sell calendars to benefit Toby’s Fund and help the most at risk animals in our community. Please complete this form in its entirety and you will be notified of a decision within 30 days of submission.


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  • How will contributions be generated for Toby’s Fund at your event? What is the dollar amount you anticipate raising? (Toby’s Fund facts: To save one life it costs $272 To save heartworm positive dogs for just ONE week it costs $1000. To sustain our No Kill Community it costs $10,000 each day)*
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