Our Story

As the lowcountry’s oldest and largest animal rescue organization, it is an honor to team up with our community’s firefighters, our sponsors and calendar work committee to produce our firefighter calendar. This project would not be possible without their generous support, hard work and dedication. We are grateful to each and every one of them for making this lifesaving project a reality.

Since our first Firefighter Calendar debuted in 2014 showcasing rescuers with the rescued, we have grossed over $1.74 million for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. All net proceeds benefit Toby’s Fund which provides the medical care to treat and save thousands of at risk animals. The success of this fundraising project is imperative for us to save lives and sustain our No Kill Community. We are indebted to our firefighter heroes who have given so freely of their time and energy to this calendar. Their participation, supported by our community’s fire chiefs, is reflective of their individual character and their departments. We want to thank each of them for their commitment to save the most vulnerable among us…helpless animals.

Over 8,000 unwanted and stray animals enter Charleston Animal Society’s doors each year for a second chance at the life and love they deserve. We are the community’s only animal organization that embraces all animals regardless of their condition, age or breed; never turning them away. Most of these animals come to us injured or ill.

The costs to save these animals exceeds $600,000 annually. Animals like Caitlyn – on May 27, 2015 Caitlyn was found wandering the streets of North Charleston with her muzzle wrapped in electoral tape and her tongue sticking out, blackened from lack of blood-flow, prompting a concerned citizen to call 911. Our team immediately responded to her injuries with the emergency care that she required. Once stabilized she was transferred to Veterinary Specialty Care where cutting-edge veterinary technology and reconstructive surgery helped save and restore Caitlyn’s muzzle. Her recovery was amazing but she will always carry the scars from her trauma.

he·ro /hirō/

1. A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.

We ask YOU to join with our FIREFIGHTER HEROES and become a lifesaving member of our HEROES CLUB, our monthly giving program. For as little as 60 cents a day, you too can be a HERO for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Innocent animals need YOU.

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