Ben is the proud recipient of a $250 matching donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka


Rescue's Breed or Mix: All-American dog (part everything)

Gender: Male

Pet's Age: 8 yrs old

Which organization did you adopt your rescue from? Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

If you could describe your rescue in three words, what would they be? Happy, grateful, easygoing

Why should your rescue be in the 2018 Calendar? Ben is a true survivor and all heart in every sense of the word. In July 2016, Ben was found as a stray and sent to a high-kill shelter in Arkansas. He was slated for euthanasia when he was determined to be heart worm positive. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue took him and 23 other dogs out of that shelter on one day and Ben was put on HW meds and sent to a foster home. Unfortunately, his HW disease was so advanced that his oral medication failed to control it, and in October he was rushed to the emergency vet in grave condition. The emergency vet had only one choice: to surgically remove the 15 heart worms that were by then wrapped around Ben's heart valve. Most dogs do not survive this surgery, especially when they are older dogs. But Ben survived. He went to a medical foster home and his foster dad nursed him back to health. In the process Ben went from 49 pounds to 65 pounds because he had to limit his physical activity and spent most of his days in a crate. But finally he was ready for a family, and we were ready for him. My husband drove to Nashville, where Ben was being fostered, and brought him home to us here. Now he is part of a pack of 5 dogs and their adoring 2 human parents, who live on Seabrook Island, where Ben goes to the beach, the dog park, for rides in the golf cart and the car, and gets huge amounts of love all day long. He has shown us the power of rescue, the beauty of adopting an older dog, and the non-judgmental approach that all dogs take to each other. He may not be the handsomest, or the smartest, or the cutest, or the most well-trained of dogs, but there's no dog who is loved more, or who has returned that love more.

Nominated by: Deborah Robinson