Finn is the proud recipient of a $250 matching donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka


Rescue's Breed or Mix: MinPin Mix

Gender: Male

Pet's Age: 4

Which organization did you adopt your rescue from? IMPS

If you could describe your rescue in three words, what would they be? Happy, Funny, Charmer

Does your rescue have any health issues or concerns? Huge under bite. He will eventually lose all of his bottom teeth because of the way the teeth hit.

Why should your rescue be in the 2018 Calendar?: Finn is the represents the example of 'a dog's purpose'. He is the most enthusiastic fur baby I've been with. He has blessed my heart immensely and has been a comfort to me through all of the ups and miserable downs I have had since we have been together. He thinks he is the boss, and I pretend right along with him. When he licks my face (all of the time), sometimes his tooth gets caught on one of my nostrils. He is a snuggler, an impatient bundle of fur, with a loving heart and a tail that wiggles his whole body.

Nominated by: Teresa Smith