Fudgie is the proud recipient of a $250 matching donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka


Rescue's Breed or Mix: Chocolate Pomeranian

Gender: Male

Pet's Age: 3 years

Which organization did you adopt your rescue from? Low Country Animal Rescue, Summerville

If you were to describe your rescue in three words, what would they be? Playful, Quiet, Loving

Does your rescue have any health issues or concerns? No

Why should your rescue be in the 2018 Calendar? Per Low Country Animal Rescue in Summerville, Fudgie began life in a local puppy mill. His owner sold him to someone in Pennsylvania who drove here to get him. Shortly after moving to Pennsylvania, Fudgie's family became homeless and he lived in a station wagon with his owner and several cats. During this time, Fudgie became very thin and lost some teeth. His original owner didn't like his conditions and drove to Pennsylvania to get him back. However, she couldn't take care of him and surrendered him to the Low Country Animal Rescue. Fudgie deserves to be in the 2018 calendar because even though he had a tough early life, he shows what a good family and a happy home can do for other helpless and homeless pets.

Nominated by: Brian Sommerfeldt