Jasper is the proud recipient of a $250 matching donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka


Rescue's Breed or Mix: Beagle Mix

Gender: Male

Pet's Age: About 11 (not sure since we adopted him only 2 years ago)

Which organization did you adopt your rescue from? Lowcountry Critter Rescue

If you were to describe your rescue in three words, what would they be? Sweet, loving, playful

Does your rescue have any health issues or concerns? He gets scared at loud noises.

Why should your rescue be in the 2018 Calendar? Jasper is the sweetest dog I have ever known/had! We adopted him late in his life after being surrendered to a shelter. He was probably a hunting/working dog in his youth, and deserves to be pampered in his old age! He is a great example of how adopting older dogs can be so rewarding.

Nominated by: Danielle Wecksler