Rescue's Breed or Mix: Hound/Bull Terrier Mix

Gender: Female

Pet's Age: 5 years

Which organization did you adopt your rescue from? Pets With Disabilities

If you were to describe your rescue in three words, what would they be? Cuddler, Stubborn, Sweet

Does your rescue have any health issues or concerns? She was born deaf but doesn't let it slow her down!

Why should your rescue be in the 2018 Calendar? Missy was born deaf, so she knows a bit of sign language! She lives life to its fullest, which may mean she'll nap all day OR find her buddies for a game of chase! She has helped many foster dogs thrive and move on to new families. Being a "Velcro dog", she craves closeness with her people. We call her "the furnace" because of how much heat she puts off! If anyone needs a firefighter, it's her!

Nominated by: AnnMarie Kenyon