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Over 9,000 unwanted and stray animals enter Charleston Animal Society’s doors each year for a chance to become part of someone’s family. We are the community’s only animal organization that embraces all animals regardless of their condition, age or breed; never turning them away. Most of these animals come to us injured or ill.

The cost to save these animals exceeds $500,000 annually. Animals like Toby, the namesake for our medical fund. Toby came to use with severe chemical burns. Our team of veterinarians, supported by staff and volunteers, immediately began caring for him. After weeks of critical care and rehabilitation, Toby recovered and we found him a home. Toby lived out his life as a happy and healthy dog, just like the thousands we help each year.

We ask YOU to join us in this amazing campaign and help the leading rescuers of humans and the leading rescuer of animals save lives!

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